I heal with laughter

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21 Responses to “I heal with laughter”

  1. http://www.myspace.com/garyspivey

    thanks to: Ruckusnusts

  2. I’m totally digging the white afro look. I may have to adopt this look for myself.


  4. Filmed at the Lego man retirement home

  5. Obviously he’s got some subliminal advertising deal going with the folks at Q-tip.

  6. ROFL

  7. Old captain James T. Kirk

  8. @Vedetta: You totally called it! HE has a Shatner-esque face.

    But I think Gary Spivey, the psychic, is in on this joke — he did, after all, have some pro wrestling stints. And there’s much laughter in that.

  9. A planet somewhere is missing an alien.

  10. It looks like the king of the ompalompas

  11. TV psychics give real psychics such a bad name…

  12. pools open

  13. [...] Sweet Haircut [...]

  14. By the way he looks, I don’t think he can heal anybody

  15. luv the style.. seems like it snowed only on the head :)

  16. That’s just a psychic antenna that he is wearing. It really improves reception of other’s aura. Either that, or he’s been playing football and likes furry helmets.

  17. If my mechanic wore that, I’d laugh all the way to the station. Each time.

  18. Dude that is one stupid looking guy.


  19. Dr., Healy thyself,.

  20. Is that Nelson Mandela’s ball sack?

  21. I am Dr. Remulak
    I am Dr. Remulak

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