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39 Responses to “Omnomnomonom”

  1. fat bitch….

  2. The future is scary!
    Yes it sure is!

  3. She’d be a good boss character after u fight the whole police squad.

  4. Zounds!

  5. w00t

  6. That is grotesque. How the hell does she keep her job?

  7. Is that black cop eating fried chicken?


  8. I’d say she’ll keep her job as long as they make uniforms that big.

  9. Don’t muss wid her — she’s on the Chiggen Leg Inspection Patrol!

  10. even NWA wouldnt fuck her

  11. LOL, And I bet she has a few donuts for dessert stuffed in her pockets! LOL, typical cop!


  12. Watch for bicycles!

  13. It’s a good job for her that harpoons cannot be carried in the US

  14. what a fat fucking whore!

  15. Don’t run from a fat cop!

  16. I don’t get it…

  17. …turkey leg you stupid racists!!! I blame the police department for letting people like her keep her job.

  18. All she needs now is to be holding a watermelon under her arm

  19. c’mon! just because she is fat does not makes her a bad cop.

  20. Just call 1800 mix a lot….and kick them nasty thoughts…BABY GOT BACK

    girl…when it comes to females….Cosmo aint got nothin on my selection

  21. Must be a rent-a-cop

  22. Looks like a park ranger outfit, idiots.

  23. She can taser your ass to death and demand respect and you can’t do shit about it.

  24. What is she staring at?

  25. If she’s unperfect, all of you shit must be GOD!!!

  26. [...] a picture of you please. I’ve had a really bad week so far, and I need something to laugh at. PIXFTW

  27. Renfest!! yahaa

  28. lol awesome.

  29. Man the harpoons!

  30. Fucking nigger pigs

  31. “What is she staring at?”


  32. come on guys, she was STARVIN!

  33. She’s staring at more turkey!

  34. You are a bunch of racists. Would you be saying all this stupid things (yes, you are stupid people) if she was a fat white man?
    Of course not. You are pathetic.

  35. Aint no thing like a chicken wing

    oh, and Jose - we’d make fun of a fat white man too!

  36. DAMN!

  37. Female affirmative action at its finest.

  38. Best thing for her worthless, fat, nigger, useless ass would be a coronary.

    It would be fun to have a donut on a string wearing a shirt which read, “CHASE ME P-L-E-A-S-E!” (assuming she can read).

  39. This tasty chiken om nom nom nom nom..

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